Appartamento Molino Delle Armi is a minimal apartment located in Milan, Italy, designed by Pietro Todeschini. The full renovation of a small apartment in the city center of Milan presented the opportunity to rethink the meaning of flexibility in residential space. The demolition of the internal partitions and the creation of an open space enriched the interiors with increased natural light. Two complementary elements are characterizing the new space. On one side custom made cabinetry in coral red acts both as wall cladding and container for kitchen equipment and storage. On the opposite side, a full height folding track door in light tone fabric works as a soft background. Moving it along the recessed ceiling track the space perception changes and the second color of the inner side is revealed. The full extension of the door creates a second room for guests separating the sofa area from the rest of the apartment without impacting the circulation.

Photography by Simone Bossi