BakerBaker is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Oftn Studio. BakerBaker is a remarkable new space that has recently emerged onto the culinary scene, capturing the hearts and appetites of bread enthusiasts alike. This innovative project was inspired by the square and aims to bring people together in a space that is both welcoming and stimulating. Whether one is actively or passively engaged, BakerBaker seeks to create an atmosphere that encourages participation and interaction, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic space that keeps visitors coming back for more. The design of BakerBaker is truly impressive, both inside and out.

The lines of movement for both customers and employees have been carefully considered to create a flexible boundary area that encourages exploration and engagement with the brand. By incorporating various sensory and cognitive elements, the space activates a variety of experiences and communities, providing a truly unique and enriching experience. The space itself is designed to be variable and empty, inviting visitors to fill it with their stories and experiences. The primitive properties of materials such as concrete and wood are emphasized, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere that exudes a timeless beauty.

The space is intentionally designed to reflect the passage of time, with the use of physical properties that preserve old beauty and character, making it a space that truly resonates with visitors. One of the most impressive aspects of BakerBaker is the natural flow of movement that occurs, aligning perfectly with the shape of the baking space. Customers can observe the process of bread making and enjoy the visual and olfactory experience in a way that feels authentic and organic. BakerBaker is a borderless space that focuses on the essence of bread making and the communal experience it provides. With its innovative design and attention to detail, it induces a truly unique brand experience that visitors will remember for years to come.

Photography by Choi Yong Joon