Ca S’Alou is a minimal residence located in Mallorca, Spain, designed by munarq. It is the name given to the blonde land on the island of Mallorca. It’s a clayey, reddish soil, often mixed with gravel. It is a house designed from the materiality, to use the earth of the excavation to make the facades but also the materials of the structure such as the terracotta blocks or the interior painting that is made of earth. A unique design was inspired by Mediterranean nostalgia and simple, minimalist aesthetics. Earthy tones, simple forms free from distraction foster relaxation and enhance the idyllic atmosphere of this magical rustic place. The two volumes are symmetrical and reminiscent of those old buildings typical of Mallorca called Sestadors used for animals, cows and sheep. The materials are noble only because they are natural, not processed. They calcify over time, are affected by lichens and the wood returns to the color it really is. The approach to architecture traditional and knowledge of the place moves from the picturesque to the local, understood as affordable and known.

Photography by Ulrike Meutzner