Casa 1616 is a minimal home located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by HARQUITECTES. In the bustling Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona, a single-family home has emerged as a contemporary architectural marvel, capturing the essence of minimalist design while prioritizing privacy and natural ventilation. The brainchild of a visionary designer, this residential project seamlessly integrates the needs of a modern family with an elegant spatial solution. The design strategy is underpinned by two core principles: fostering privacy by allocating distinct user profiles to each of the home’s three levels, and establishing a connection to the outdoors through the garden.

As a result, the staircase, positioned on the street side of the house, functions as a unique spatial buffer. This configuration not only enables the floors to be largely open-plan but also encourages natural ventilation, effectively shielding the occupants from any noise or disturbances from the street. The ground floor serves as the heart of the home, accommodating the family’s communal and social activities. This expansive space benefits from an existing structure on the plot, giving it a larger footprint than the upper levels. The first floor is dedicated to the children’s rooms, play, and study areas, while the top floor offers a sanctuary for the parents to rest and work.

To adapt the various functions of the space without compromising its minimalist aesthetic, the design employs an innovative structural solution. Traditional load-bearing walls parallel to the façade are replaced by a dense grid of cross-shaped brick pillars, which not only define the spatial attributes but also organize the uses of each floor and even the façades. The slender horizontal slabs transfer forces to the pillars through equally delicate ribs. As an exemplary representation of modern minimalist design, this Barcelona home deftly balances aesthetics, functionality, and privacy. The unique architectural approach not only satisfies the needs of its inhabitants but also contributes to the city’s ever-evolving design landscape.

Photography by Adrià Goula