Wooden House by the Lake is a minimal residence located in Bavaria, Germany, designed by Appels Architekten. In a striking display of minimalist design, a newly completed family residence captures the essence of contemporary living while emphasizing a deep connection to its natural surroundings. This home, a testament to the harmonious balance of private and communal spaces, showcases the beauty of wooden cubes as a sculptural element. Envisioned for a design-conscious audience, the project reflects the core values of modern architecture and interior design. Nestled in a serene landscape, the home’s layout is purposefully crafted to distinguish between intimate personal quarters and expansive open areas for family gatherings.

The open space unfolds both horizontally and vertically, drawing in natural light and framing picturesque views of the lush garden, treetops, and a tranquil lake beyond. “The design promotes a seamless coexistence between moments of solitude and communal living, allowing residents to choose their preferred experience at any given time,” the designer explains. The home’s impressive ceiling height, abundance of daylight, and honest use of materials contribute to an inviting atmosphere and comfortable indoor climate. In a masterful response to the sloping terrain, the fanning roof adds a dynamic element to the home’s interior. The facade artfully alternates between openness and privacy, with wooden slats enveloping the cubes and translucent folding shutters concealing the windows. When desired, these shutters can be opened for unobstructed views or tucked away in wall pockets, while the kitchen seamlessly extends into the outdoor space.

Sustainability lies at the heart of this project, with wood being the primary building material. As a renewable resource, it significantly reduces non-renewable energy consumption and CO2 emissions during construction. The designer notes, “In addition to wood’s carbon-storing capabilities, its use allows for a higher degree of off-site prefabrication, which results in shorter assembly times and fewer construction site visits.” The home’s robust and durable materials promise longevity, while the thoughtful separation of building components ensures ease of repair and potential for material reuse and recycling. With its minimalist design principles and emphasis on sustainable living, this exceptional residence is a noteworthy addition to the contemporary interior design and architecture landscape.

Photography by Florian Holzherr