Casa I is a minimalist space located in Rome, Italy, designed by Antonio Alberto Tomao and Alessia Iacovoni. The apartment is located in a historical building in the city center of Rome, in the Rione Celio neiborhood, between the Colosseum and the Lateran obelisk. Due to the small dimension of the flat, the target was to enlarge the spaces by connecting each room and by giving the maximum permeability. The central area of the house has three openings: a first one for the current kitchen and two (twins) that lead to the living room and bedroom. The kitchen is highlighted by a wooden frame as an independent room connected with the entrance of the apartment. The project will is to have the bedroom as the only intimate space in the apartment. For this purpose, a sliding glass door divides the more private area from the living, giving brightness also to the entrance. Only natural and bright materials were used for all the apartment: the rooms are provided with oak hardwood floors while Carrara marbles mosaic for the bathroom.