W Residence is a minimal residence located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by Marty Chou Architecture. This is a 150㎡ apartment in Taiwan with a strip of horizontal window looking out to the city. The new owner is a three-generation family. The elder favors grandeur, lush marble and rich wood grain; the young couple prefer bright space, light color and relaxing atmosphere. The only common they have is that they need lots of storage and wish to have as much space as possible for their children to move freely. We create a neutral background with white ceiling and light wooden floor in which stone and wood-veneer blocks are placed. These blocks are positioned to define spaces and serve as storage unit. Sliding doors convert the public and private condition of the space, movable walls hide away secret balcony or chamber in each room. Light flows through the space between these blocks, so do the owner’s children. One sees not only the texture of natural materials, but the spread of light and panoramic view of the city beyond.