Jul 25, 2022 / Interiors
Casa Mazatlán by Studio Bermúdez

Casa Mazatlán is a minimal interior located in Mexico City, Mexico, designed by Studio Bermúdez. The concept was to create a warm and peaceful room, giving to the space a sense of nurture. Achieving this, thanks to the purity of the materials we used and respecting the natural light that baths each corner. Located in the Condesa neighborhood, the main concept of Casa Mazatlán was to create a warm room resembling a vibrant beach room combined with nordic aesthetics, using a green limestone finish by ILIA, combined with oiled tzalam wood, fiorito rock and fabrics that give texture to the entire room. Surrounded by local flora and a quiet building, Casa Mazatlán is a fresh room that evokes a calm atmosphere. The studio’s commitment is to bring local designers combined with iconic pieces in order to create a subtle contrast. The room comes with two independent lamps fully dimmable by an app controlled by the guests.

Photography is by Alejandro Ramírez