May 09, 2020 / Interiors
Castello di Ariberto by Marco Ortalli Architetto

Castello di Ariberto is a minimal space located in Lombardy, Italy, designed by Marco Ortalli Architetto. The project involved the partial recovery of the remains of the Castle of Ariberto da Intimiano – former barracks of the “Dino Piras” finance guard. The project involved a conservative restoration of the historical building combining it with a socio-cultural use: the municipal library, an events room and spaces for associations of the municipality of Capiago Intimiano. The internal courtyard is designed so that it can host the organization of events and gatherings. The external area is arranged in an external green. On an urban scale, the goal is to reunite the Castle with the new Park, by demolishing the volumes created by the Guardia di Finanza for dog training and the arrangement of the current parking area.

Photography by Federico Villa