Château-Landon is a minimal residence located in Paris, France, designed by Theo C. Domini. The project’s name is a nod to its location, a query into the process of adapting and reimagining pre-existing spaces. The residence serves dual purposes – it safeguards the occupants’ privacy while also offering a vantage point to the arresting cityscape. Inside, one encounters an intriguing blend of historical and contemporary aesthetics. The starkness of steel surfaces is juxtaposed against the century-old plaster, their coexistence amplifying the project’s unique character. This harmonious blend also mirrors the sublime spectacle visible from the residence. The interior design underscores the beauty of the everyday, amplifying the essence of simple necessities.

The surfaces, rather than obstructing the view, guide the onlooker’s gaze, pushing the boundaries of domestic familiarity and inviting a more spontaneous, instinctual response. This approach favors human interactions and experiences over material accumulation, with comfort being the ultimate goal. Subtly, the project challenges traditional architectural elements, such as doors and handles, transitioning seamlessly from well-lit areas to softer, moodier spaces. Material selection leans towards the gentle and inviting, creating an atmosphere of warm, modulated half-light. The project cleverly plays with spatial gradation and suggestive borders, encouraging curiosity rather than drawing clear-cut boundaries. The design swings between grand and minimalistic, finding its equilibrium in tranquility and charm rather than overt luxury. It’s a serene space, welcoming rather than intimidating, allowing the narrative of its rich past to filter through without overpowering the present.