Feb 16, 2017 / Interiors
Clay House by Simon Astridge

Clay House is a minimalist house located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Simon Astridge. 100% natural clay was chosen as a wall and ceiling finish throughout the apartment. The clay is dug by hand in north Cornwall. The clay controls humidity below 70% that promotes a healthy living environment with less bacteria. Four to five layers of clay are applied onto the substrate one day after another. It eliminates the need to skim with plaster or apply layers of paint. The clay adds a beautiful depth to the wall that cannot be achieved through decoration. The bathing zone was carefully designed for the needs of the owner. Crossing from the clay living thresholds with tatami style carpeting, one enters the bathing zone. The area is heated to provide thermal comfort while undressing. The shower and bathing area are made from grey porcelain. The living spaces are occupied within the old roof and benefit from south facing London panoramic views. The tripartite top leaf sash windows open and slide down to connect yourself with the urban landscape.

Photography by Nicholas Worley