Feb 16, 2017 / Products
Trois Candleholders by Brad Ascalon

Trois Candleholders are a minimal collection of candleholders created by Brad Ascalon for OTHR. This week, set your heart on fire with the 3D printed bronze Trois Candleholders by New York City-based designer Brad Ascalon, in Trois Grande and Trois Petite. The Trois Candleholder is a simple gesture intended to elevate the candle’s role in its design. Its reductive form creates an instant atmosphere primed for a dinner party or romantic evening. The vertical branches that extend from the holder’s foundation simply and elegantly support the candle, and mimic slow drips of wax making their way into the base. The inspiration for this reductive candleholder originated from a fortune cookie’s words of wisdom that hang above the designer’s desk: “Everything should be made as simple as possible… but not simpler.” This phrase has become a mantra for Ascalon, and is reflected in the simplicity and functionality of his design: three arms simultaneously provide as much and as little support as needed for the candle to remain stable. The base of each Trois Candleholder also serves a dual purpose: to prevent tipping, and protect the table from runoff wax.