Jun 28, 2018 / Interiors
Freshwater by Olivia Bossy

Freshwater is a minimalist apartment located in Sydney, Australia, designed by Olivia Bossy. The project is a full renovation of a 51m² beachside apartment which included gutting and reconfiguration of the space, redesign of the bathroom and kitchen, custom furniture and lighting design, sourcing of objects and styling. The Freshwater project was an exercise in streamlining existence, living small but not at the cost of a beautiful and functional space. With an emphasis on materials and their repetition, tactile dimensions were created and a sense of flow and space prevails. Taking cues from Eileen Grey’s e1027 house and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch, a soft modernism was created. The curved shower and built-in Marrakesh plaster seating were key elements in creating an unusually strong presence and functionality within a tiny footprint.

Photography by Tom Ross