GL Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Changzhou, China, designed by Dong Ji Design. The predominant use of birch planks adds a sense of continuity to the apartment. These planks retain their natural grain, akin to the birch trees found in nature, thereby offering a touch of the outdoors within the enclosed space. This wooden theme is seamlessly extended to the flooring, where oak is employed to bring a harmonious blend of color and texture to the overall aesthetic. In contrast to the warm hues of the wood, the walls of the apartment are painted in a tranquil white. This color choice encapsulates occupants within an environment that is simultaneously calming and invigorating. To further enhance the interior, soft furnishings are added to the space, utilizing materials such as cotton, hemp, and paper.

These materials not only add texture but also invite residents to interact more intimately with their surroundings. Stripping back the walls to their bare essence, devoid of extraneous decorations, allows the inherent beauty of the wood grain to come to the fore. The effect is heightened by the play of sunlight against the wood, infusing the walls with a less rigid and more organic character. Recognizing the constraints of the apartment’s compact footprint, the design team made a strategic decision to merge the guest dining room and kitchen. This layout innovation not only optimizes the use of space but also encourages interaction among family members, thereby fostering a more convivial atmosphere within the apartment.

Photography by Hui Sheng