Three Buckley is a minimal home located in Singapore, designed by Gabriel Tan’s interior design office Studio Antimatter. At the core of the design, an indoor tree stands majestically in the air well near the entrance, its lush canopy peeking out to the second floor. This green centerpiece infuses the home with a serene atmosphere, while also serving as a metaphor for the family’s growth and evolution. The main living space on the ground floor caters to both relaxation and social activities. It houses a spacious three-seater sofa for family gatherings, complemented by a set of Japanese oak nesting coffee tables and a distinctive tan leather lounge chair. A bare wall doubles as a projector screen, transforming the living room into a makeshift cinema. Adjacent to the living room is the dining area, merging seamlessly to foster an open, flowing ambiance. The dining table, featuring a custom base shaped like the auspicious number ‘8’, is topped with a Dekton surface for easy maintenance.

Extending from the living and dining spaces is an expansive outdoor patio, providing an auxiliary living area for the family. The patio is furnished with cozy seats and a compact table, forming an ideal spot for early morning brews or late-night beverages. Red-patterned fabric on the outdoor seats injects a splash of color and vitality, promoting engagement and interaction. The outdoor wall is adorned with large-format terracotta tiles, adding an earthy warmth to the area. The indoor tree is visible from the patio, seamlessly blending the indoor and outdoor spaces and establishing a harmonious connection. Ascending to the upper floor, the master suite exudes a calming aura. It features a custom oversized padded headboard and a supremely comfortable DUX bed. A bay window has been converted into a built-in dresser, offering a convenient spot for work or skincare routines. The compact ensuite, fitted with a dual sink, cleverly employs large mirrors to amplify its perceived size.

Photography by Hosanna Swee-Chng