Aug 15, 2022 / Architecture
Godung by Stocker Lee Architetti

Godung is a minimal architecture project located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Stocker Lee Architetti. The original conformation of the project land is irregular and is located between a neighborhood street to the south and a bordering terrain on the north side. The rectangular volume develops along the north side of the perimeter and fits into the urban context in a position set back from the road, underlining the desire to obtain an urban void that allows a pedestrian and vehicular entrance to the building. The ground floor and the basement, in fact, host a commercial activity open to the public; on the upper floors, on the other hand, there are apartments of different sizes. The volumetric composition is divided into two different bodies that fit together and generate a pure, clear, and recognizable shape. The ‘light’ volume, punctured by the main openings, is supported by the volume that acts as a base and, at the same time, welcomes users thanks to the overhang on the entrance.

The internal distribution of the spaces develops on the concept of skip floor and for this reason, the openings on the façade are asymmetrical, generating an irregular and non-static facade design. The choice of materials reflects the design idea: two different finishes – facing concrete and Petersen Kolumba K43 bricks – which generate a clear image of the volume that is thus read as unique and uniform. Inside, the main materials are exposed concrete left natural and two different floor finishes, wood, and tiles. The details are made of matte black iron. In general, the choice to describe the entire intervention using only a few materials is in line with the search for the essential and necessary on which the project is based. In the context, the object fits in decisively, becoming a recognizable landmark in shape and color, which gives character and identity to this urban segment at the end of the built block.

Photography by Simone Bossi