Aug 14, 2022 / Interiors
Mood Container by G square design office

Mood Container is a minimal space located in Shanghai, China, designed by G square design office. On top of the minimalist basic tone, the design also hopes to present a certain emotional progression in the space — from the clean and pure at the door to the more lively the inner room, such as the bedroom decorated with orange yellow, the study with lake blue and dirty pink walls. These different color tendency, also just reflected the spatial atmosphere that the function place of each room sets. On the left side of the entrance, a full-height custom cabinet divides the living room, dining room and porch space. The rectangular opening on the customized cabinet makes the cabinet more transparent and light, and also allows the sight and light to pass through, creating a kind of separated and continuous space feeling. On the function, such as shoe, sundry receive a space to also be hidden cleverly among them. Due to the limited height of the house, most positions of the living room, dining room were not built with the ceiling, and several thick main beams were re-plastered with cement to enhance the order of the original structure in such a rough and direct way. The coarse cement texture and warm oak color and white also formed a strong visual contrast.

Photography by Brandystudio