Jun 13, 2020 / Interiors
Haus Köris by Zeller & Moye

Haus Köris is a minimalist residence located in Köris, Germany, designed by Zeller & Moye. A private residence is sited amongst tall pine trees on a plot nearby a lake in close proximity to Berlin. As a structure entirely made from wood, the building is elevated from the ground to keep the impact on the landscape as minimal as possible and to avoid contact with the seasonally damp soil.

The meandering shape of the residence is a result of the position of the existing trees resulting in small patios and green niches along the building‘s perimeter. The residence is organized as a cluster of spaces of different heights offering physical connections between them that allow for private spaces and an open shared area. Large windows connect the interior with the surrounding landscape in the form of panoramic views into the dense greenery.

Photography by César Béjar