NN_WW is a minimalist space located in Minsk, Belarus, designed by Sasha Hamolin. The 108-square-meter apartment is divided into the main area, which includes a living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway; and a row of small rooms, to provide each of the three children and parents a separate bedroom. The interior of the apartment is filled with various colors and textures. The base palette contains white, grey colors and natural wood colour; complex accent colors are used in furniture and decor elements.

Monolithic concrete, shaded in gray, was left on the ceiling, natural wooden parquet board was used on the floor. The walls and floor covering of the kitchen and bathroom are made of natural marble terrazzo. The fittings and brass elements are not lacquered, so they start to patinate even before the completion of construction and add life to the interior.

Photography by Artem Bobrov, Yanina Novikova