Nov 13, 2020 / Interiors
House Fabriscape by ninkipen!

House Fabriscape is a minimal residence located in Osaka, Japan, designed by ninkipen!. The site faces the old shopping street where the arcade used to be, but the roof has already been removed and many stores have been closed and replaced with three-story homes, with pedestrian-only road signs and storefronts. The torn tents and awnings that remained in the store only kept the remnants of those days.

Firstly, the first floor facing the old shopping street was opened like a townhouse as a versatile dirt floor, and a small awning embroidered with agricultural cloth was put out. In addition, a second piece was hung from the eaves to cover the windows on the second floor to show its presence, and it resonated with the awning of the fresh fish shop that stretched across the road from the opposite side to strengthen the location.

The outer wall reproduces the siding clapboard that remains in the surrounding landscape using ceramic siding, and the windows in the girder direction have proportions determined according to the cityscape and handrails are provided. The loft was set up as a buffer for the future, which could be both a master bedroom and a children’s room. The street corners of the old shopping street are steadily beating, albeit small, with brand new awnings and new resident personalities.

Photography by Hiroki Kawada

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