Nov 14, 2020 / Interiors
La Suite Oak by Estudio Bespoke

La Suite Oak is a minimal apartment located in Valladolid, Spain, designed by Estudio Bespoke. The reform of this apartment, which is rehabilitated with the use of temporary rentals for executives in mind, allowed the designers to think about the development of an inverse exercise, where space is “dehumanized” acquiring a morphology closer to that of a hotel than to that of one’s own home.

For this reason, and given the impossibility of proceeding with a complete demolition, the main space is resolved with dark oak wood panels clearly inspired by the American offices of the sixties. This homogenization of the space allows to hide all the service and cleaning elements, achieving that longed for aesthetic suite. The bathroom is resolved in the same texture and color as the main space, paneling door and cabinets in an attempt to use the minimum number of materials, transmitting maximum sobriety.

In spite of the limited space available, it is possible to implement the use of an island where one can cook and eat as the only white stone element of the space, around which the life of the house revolves. Small satellite furniture, finished in the same oak and anthracite gray, gives room to everything needed to reconcile work and life in a space of 33 square meters. The set ends up using the mythical Barcelona chair, as a rest piece and converted into the nerve center of those longed-for television offices.