May 02, 2022 / Architecture
House in Chuuourinkan by Nao Iwanari Architecture

House in Chuuourinkan is a minimal residence located in Nao Iwanari Architecture. Looking at the aquarium that reproduces the inside of the sea through the glass, wide-open areas, shades of rocks and plants, cave-like holes, etc. Places with various properties are mixed in an unseparated space. It opens towards the surface of the water at the top and brightens, the fish come and go on each level while performing activities suitable for the place. An urban dwelling that requires multiple layers to be established. If we can develop such a space as underwater, the architect thought it would be possible to create a spacious place to live without feeling cramped. The upper end of the wall opened above it is like the surface of the water looking up from the water. Feel like you are in the most open zone. It is a residential building that gets closer to the outside as it gets farther from the ground.

Photography by Satoshi Shigeta