Mar 22, 2021 / Architecture
House in Okuike by Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates

House in Okuike is a minimal residence located in Hyogo, Japan, designed by Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates. The residence is located at the foot of the mountain. This misty site is rich in pine and other mountain vegetation. The architect considered how to blur the boundary between the house and nature without dividing the natural environment of the surrounding mountains by architecture. By making a tear in the gable roof due to the scenic beauty and letting nature infiltrate through it, they tried to blur the outline of the architecture and obtain a unique connection with nature. Blurred nature is reflected on the dull silver ceiling surface, and the boundaries of the building are cultivated. The roof with a crevice that lays low on the ground connects the surrounding trees and the garden of the crevice, aiming for such an appearance that the architecture blends into the expansive mountain range.

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