Huguerie is a minimalist apartment located in Bordeaux, France, designed by Andre Guiraud. The apartment, located at the corner of a 17th century stone building, has a double orientation with large openings that punctuate the space and bathe it with light. The renovation of this apartment is focused on three interventions, redefining the uses of each room, segmenting and characterizing the spaces with clear geometry while providing maximum modularity and freedom. The column concentrates the household appliances and separates the bathroom from the living room. By its depth, it creates a transition threshold between the two spaces.

The base unit plays a structuring role in the layout of the main room. By its length and its homogeneous treatment it creates a continuity erasing the boundaries between spaces. The continuous plan in Corian with molded basins, brings a unitary image which erases the classic sings of strictly functional furniture. The kitchen is nothing more than a buffet punctuated by the emergence of stainless steel taps.The dressing room is a simple intervention, composed of a tubular steel structure and pine panels, which seeks to fade into the space of the room.

Photography by Agnès Clotis