Oct 02, 2021 / Interiors
Islington Artist Studio by Giles Reid Architects

Islington Artist Studio is a minimal space located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Giles Reid Architects. The project is a conversion of a car repair garage into a 140m² studio for an artist. The emphasis is on making a robust working space with a sense of the domestic. The site which was severely compromised by a deep plan lacking natural light and ventilation. The existing slab was uneven, sloping front to back, impregnated with engine oil and peppered with network of petrol interceptor chambers. A new façade with bi-fold doors and high-level windows sits behind an existing roller shutter.

Further day light is introduced via a previously hidden light-well and from two blocked up vents at the back of the space. Petrol chambers were back filled. The floor dug was dug out to increase head height and replaced with a new polished slab. Existing linings were stripped out and replaced with insulated and fire rated ceilings. Walls are built to an art gallery specification for hanging work. Visibility is maintained from the main studio space at the front to a workshop area at the rear, separated by a timber and glass screen. Timber joinery is meranti, clear sealed.

Photography by Lorenzo Zandri

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