Nov 11, 2020 / Interiors
Juno the Bakery by Frama Interior Architecture

Juno the Bakery is a minimalist bakery located in Copenhagen, Denmark, designed by Frama Interior Architecture a subdivision of Frama. With a holistic design concept that seamlessly brings together bakery production, service area, guest seating, and an urban garden, the new Juno retains the friendly neighborhood spirit of their original bakery but now features expanded space for guests to dine in, relax, and gather together. Additionally, the new Juno features large windows that provide opportunities for guests and passersby to observe the Juno team at work. The successful partnership between Juno and Frama Interior Architecture was informed by a set of shared values. From the very beginning, Frama’s spatial concept was guided by the same values that have made Juno the Bakery a beloved local institution and a globally-recognized pioneer in artisanal baking: quality, authenticity, and an uncompromising attention to detail.

Just as with the original Juno, the careful craft of hands-on bakery production remains a focus of the interior design. Large, street-facing and interior facing windows would allow for a transparent connection between the bakers at work, guests inside the bakery, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. In this way, the traditions of artisanal baking are being presented to the public in an informal and contemporary way, with Juno’s team of talented craftspeople at the center. “With the new iteration of Juno,” explains Glaser, “we wanted to create an open space that would celebrate the craftsmanship of our team of bakers. At the same time, we also wanted the space to compliment the high-quality ingredients that we source for all our baked goods. So, from the beginning, we believed that this would mean bringing in lots of natural light, creating transparency that would allow guests to observe the bakers in action.”