Lagom13 is a minimal space located in Hangzhou, China, designed by Shire Space Research. In her book “Lagom,” Swedish author Laura A. Akström offers an intimate look at life in Sweden, a concept that has significantly influenced the initial design phase of a new bakery on Tangping Road. The establishment aims to capture the essence of sunlight, warmth, and freedom, drawing inspiration from the sun-drenched afternoons on Tangping Road and the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread. The design team has devised innovative ways to incorporate natural light into the space. A gap above the entrance allows sunlight to stream in and gradually alter the door’s appearance as the seasons change. Additionally, an outdoor stone platform has been built for customers to relax and savor their bread in the sun.

To further bring the outdoors in, the designers have installed a retractable paper screen inside the doorway. This feature allows the day’s shifting light and shadows to be cast on the screen, enhancing the interior’s natural atmosphere. The traditional bakery sales model has been eschewed in favor of a central counter, reflecting the brand’s values of inclusivity and freedom. This approach not only fosters interactivity but also creates a more cohesive and open flow within the space. Materials like natural travertine and birch have been employed to evoke a warm, organic ambiance, while the bar counter and bread counter are made of cast-in-place concrete. This juxtaposition of materials adds a sense of simplicity and strength to the space. Attention to detail is evident throughout the bakery. While the basic shapes of various display areas remain consistent, subtle variations in design elements lend visual richness and intricacy to the overall aesthetic.

Photography by Here Space Photography