Long Residence is a minimal house located in Chicago, Illinois, designed by Pernille Lind Studio. Pernille Lind Studio was commissioned to work on the refurbishment and interior design of this 5-bedroom ‘Colonial revival’ house built in 1920. The house is nestled within the historical Frank Lloyd Wright district, of Oak Park, Chicago Illinois. The house was in good condition however did not have the style or layout to suit a contemporary way of living for a modern family.

The studio therefore set out to open up key spaces, such as the kitchen and dining area, creating a family-style ‘heart of the home’ space. The master bedroom received a luxurious en suite bathroom, by knocking down walls between a former dressing room and smaller bathroom. PLS designed all bespoke joinery, wardrobes and bathrooms working with local manufactures and craftsmen. They made sure our new kitchen design would suit the avid chef, with the necessary modern appliances, central working island and pantry store.

The initial brief from the client was to create a European inspired home with a calm palette of colors and materials. As they had lived many years in London and had travelled extensively around the world, their taste had been influenced by these experiences. With the house already having many English and European characteristics, it was natural to extend this style further through the furnishings and interior details.

When it came to the final styling and personal touches, they looked to Chicago’s plentiful design stores and antique shops, as well as venturing out into the greater Michigan area to find even more wonderful pieces. The result is a home with calm character reflecting the owners’ many travels, taste and aspiration of creating a ‘sanctuary’, which allows them to dream of fond memories and past adventures.

Photography by John & Maura Stoffer