Nov 24, 2020 / Interiors
Majin Huis by RAAMWERK

Majin Huis is a minimal residence located in Gent, Belgium, designed by RAAMWERK. The project involves the conversion of two buildings into a support home for single and recovering cancer patients during and after their treatment. A space in the city where people can feel home and find the necessary mental and physical care. The home is conceived as one communal unit that fits appropriately into the urban residential fabric. A historic town house was completely renovated and connected to a new volume. The new volume can be seen as the mirror image of the existing house, a series of interconnected rooms linked to the serving zone.

The new building integrates into its environment through use and not through its appearance. The building is a contemporary translation of the traditional manor house. A set of interconnected rooms provides a gradient of different social interactions between people. On the ground floor there is a yoga room, consultation room, office and communal kitchen. The first and second floors contain the living areas and therapy spaces of the care home. A concierge house is located on the top floor.

Photography by Stijn Bollaert