Oct 14, 2019 / Interiors
Monuments by Clément Lesnoff-Rocard

Monuments is a minimalist apartment located in Paris, France, designed by Clément Lesnoff-Rocard. Located on the top floor of an industrial building from the early 20 th century, at the very top of Montmartre hill in Paris, this apartment had a sprawling view over the city skyline with a powerful natural light. We found on site a glossy white ceramic tile floor, which, interacting with the sun, became the main vector of this project: like skating on ice, like pyramids in the white sand, every vertical intervention was considered as raising a monument from scratch, standing alone in this ocean of reflection. Wood, marble, steel and iconic self-standing accessories were used to rise contrasted materiality from this immaculate floor, creating an interior forest of tiny monuments, in dialogue with the spellbinding view outside. Living here is curated.

Photography by Simone Bossi