More Pickl is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by STUDIO GIMGEOSIL. More Pickl is a new concept gym which was designed based on the consideration of various elements that users can experience in contrast to existing fitness centers which are dedicated to only their original functions. In More Pickl, visitors can experience the contrasting modeling languages and the mood of 70s and 80s. The showcase at the reception desk has protein and energy drinks of the brands that fit More Pickl. The red LED signage that can be seen throughout the interior and the hip-hop and disco music of the 70s and 80s emphasize the retro, pop mood. Straight lines and curves are used for the space.

These two elements are strongly displayed where the fitness and Pilates spaces meet. The fitness space, using straight lines, and the Pilates space, using curves, are in stark contrast, which shows a great sense of physicality. The flooring materials explain the purpose of the space and create unique atmospheres. For example, the pebble flooring, which you can see behind the main entrance, separates the space through color. The red pebble floor is the machine weight zone, a space full of energy, and the black pebble flooring is used for a free weight zone and a locker room to create a calm mood. The concrete-like wall, pebble flooring, shiny stainless steel, and red LED signage convey strong messages and energy through clear contrast. More Pickl, which is hard and flexible, rough and soft, pursues a healthy lifestyle while restoring the senses of modern people.