Oct 12, 2020 / Interiors
Ottawa House by Fiona Lynch

Ottawa House is a minimal home located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Fiona Lynch. A white-pebbled forecourt lined with red oak trees directs visitors toward the heritage-inspired home, where Fiona Lynch has taken an artistic approach to the composition of space. Sculpted forms, hand-worked details and earthy textures are carefully balanced, mediating classical and contemporary elements with clear intent. The house is generous in both its spaciousness and quality of finish.

The sitting room is anchored by a striking hearth of rough-hewn stone, while warm neutral finishes and soft ambient lighting give a sense of intimacy and retreat. The kitchen and bathrooms are enlivened by chiseled and sculpted stone features, evoking a sense that the space has been hewn from a single monolithic form. Minimalist surfaces complement the home’s intricate parquetry timber floors and shuttered French doors.

Photography by Sean Fennessy