Oct 13, 2020 / Products
Cassetta by Julienrenaultobjects

Cassetta is a minimal storage tray designed by Belgium-based studio Julienrenaultobjects for Mattiazzi. Seemingly nothing else than two wooden planks placed on top of each other. Nevertheless, Cassetta echoes an everyday sight for most people, a pile of books. Despite a digital revolution, the book remains an object treasured for its enlightenment and startling tales. Cassetta is a tribute to the archetypical shape of the book. Cassetta can be used as a small case, a storage for photos, jewelry, glasses, coins, keys -those day-to-day bits lying around.

With its universal outline it blends in well with the surrounding interior, to be left on the table as one would leave a couple of books. Solid wood rectangles, simply and carefully worked by machinery and completed by hand. Designed in alignment with the vision of manufacturer Mattiazzi to handle nature’s resources in the most e ffi cient and sustainable way.

Mattiazzi was seeking an ‘oggetti di uso comune’ – an object for common use. ‘Cassetta’ answers this request altogether with its natural integration into any interior. A format so omnipresent, it’s almost invisible and at the same time so classic, it can be kept and cherished for years. An object which speaks with the existing Mattiazzi furniture and which adds life and atmosphere by representing one of the most familiar interior objects.