Pan is a minimal bakery located in Milan, Italy, designed by Studio Wok. Nestled in the heart of the neighborhood, Pan’s storefront boasts an imposing yet inviting design. The generous chestnut wood-framed windows, edged in galvanized sheet metal, provide a fresh perspective of the city. They serve as an architectural lens, blending the cozy domesticity of the venue with the vivacity of the urban life outside. This convergence of realms creates an engaging “threshold space” that draws passersby into Pan’s warm interior. Stepping inside Pan, one is greeted by a minimalist and friendly ambience. The neutral-hued wall claddings serve as a quiet backdrop to the two bold and highly functional counters – one for the bakery and the other for the bar. While distinct in their purpose, these two elements coexist harmoniously, separated yet linked by a continuous wooden bench.

This design feature, running along the wall towards the street, subtly binds the two halves of the venue, promoting a fluid and natural circulation within the space. The bread counter, fabricated from vibrant green fiberglass grid panels, stands as a striking focal point. Its hue resonates with the noren – ceiling drapes that transform the space into a three-dimensional, layered tapestry. These noren panels, interacting with the changing natural light, form an ephemeral spectacle that continually reshapes the atmosphere within the bakery. Providing a counterpoint, the antebathroom’s wall and sliding system feature a wood-framed structure with translucent pressed cellulose panels.

This design choice anticipates a green monochromatic aesthetic that seamlessly transitions into a sink crafted from Moltrasio stone, creating an understated yet striking focal point. Turning towards the bar, a more restrained color palette prevails. Black-stained chestnut wood forms the bar counter, punctuated by stainless steel inserts. A rough-hewn boulder, set amidst this refined scheme, re-centers the material narrative towards a contemplative, almost spiritual aesthetic. It underscores the beauty of imperfection and magnifies the ritualistic significance of water filling. Every detail in Pan’s architectural design echoes a thoughtful nod towards Japanese culture. But this isn’t an ostentatious display; it’s a subtle exploration, free from stereotypes.

Photography by Simone Bossi