Dec 04, 2022 / Interiors
Pâtisserie Décidé by Project Mark

Pâtisserie Décidé is a minimal space located in Seoul, South Korea, designed by Project Mark. The sharpness of a single ink stroke applied to Hanji without thinking inspired the connection of unusual features in a tidy pattern to the Korean traditional paper. The building’s façade, which is painted in an ivory tone, is built of soft but rough plaster. Here, a beam structure sticking out from the inside and a low wall bind together a smooth zinc metal canopy and the column supporting it. This is a contemporary assembly of hanok structure components, such as rafters and inner and outer walls, with the goal of demonstrating it in a form with a sense of mass. The interior was designed to have a gallery-like ambience. Every item serves the purpose of drawing attention to itself like a piece of art.

These sculptures, such as cream-colored smooth masses and standardized wooden masses, are haphazardly positioned on the floor to calmly relax the atmosphere while supporting the weight of the area. These massive objects make up the entire space, along with the sophisticated flow that surrounds them. Through a contrasting sculpture that rises between these low and heavy masses, it was intended to alleviate the weight. The form, stretched out toward the sky like a tree branch growing carelessly in the wild, creates a sense of vertical extension through the ceiling surface’s subtle reflection. The metal surface was intended to rust and age over time, trying to reveal its presence in the midst of refined things, just as moss and annual rings grow over time in nature.

Photography by Uncannist