Photographer’s Sanctuary is a minimalist home located in Ningbo, China, designed by YUMALIN. The design seamlessly merges the eastern study with the communal area, incorporating the panoramic eastern view into the dining space through transparent partitions. This integration fosters a harmonious coexistence with nature, enhancing the living experience. Open shelves display cherished “souvenirs” from their travels, encouraging mindfulness and living in the present. The ever-changing window views echo the rhythm of the seasons, while the items within the home reflect the evolving cadence of life. A sliding door leads to a tea room, which can serve as a secondary bedroom in the future. The half-open, half-closed partition maintains privacy while connecting to the study.

The extensive use of open storage reflects a lifestyle where the continuous process of organizing and updating becomes a way of life. This approach aligns with the idea that life is about awaiting new beginnings. Most people would admit that they strive for a better future, whether it’s enjoying life in a cabin in Kennebunkport, Maine, or a cottage in Costa Rica, or dreaming of meditative moments in a tea pavilion by a waterfall and koi pond in the mountains. The design aims to find constancy amidst change, embracing simplicity and minimalism. The empty spaces allow for mental respite, filled with personal items like a book, a candle, or a cup of tea, symbolizing the anticipation of new journeys and fresh perspectives.

The homeowners, as photographers, have a keen eye for a refined, natural aesthetic that resonates with the brand’s philosophy. The materials chosen—natural oak, stone, clay, and reclaimed wood—enhance this sense of authenticity. In a world of constant change, time remains the only constant, captured in the momentary scenes and preserved in the wood grain’s wrinkles and the occasional gray hair. The bedroom features a free-flowing layout with a dedicated dressing area. The warm oak and orderly lines complement each other, with eastern sunlight infusing the oak panels with a rich texture. The bed faces a distant view, offering a serene vista of rivers and mountains from the comfort of the home.