May 31, 2021 / Interiors
Portable by Schemata Architects

Portable is a minimal space located in Jeju, South Korea, designed by Schemata Architects. As a program for tourists visiting Jeju to enjoy, the studio made a rental bike store and bike store on the ground floor. Considering the size of Jeju Island, cycling would be a good way to enjoy the island in combination with driving, so they decided to rent and sell only folding bikes at the store. Since yoga and other sports-related workshops will be held occasionally, a vertically movable hanger rack system was installed so that bikes can be stored in the ceiling space and the entire space can be used for various purposes at all times. The hanger rack system can be used to hang clothes and other items as well as bikes, and visitors can freely touch and take a look at items on hanging from it.

Photography by Ju Yeon Lee

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