PvS House is a minimal residence located in Florence, Italy, designed by AFSa. This architectural endeavor primarily focuses on reconfiguring the apartment layout to suit the modern lifestyle of a young family, while simultaneously reinforcing and restoring the structural integrity of the historic building to which it belongs. The redesign strategically segregates the living and sleeping quarters. The living area, comprising the apartment’s more spacious and scenic rooms, adopts an open plan concept. This is achieved by creating large openings in existing walls, resulting in a seamless flow of interconnected spaces. The choice of materials in this section is deliberately restrained, featuring terrazzo flooring, lacquered timber, and light-toned paints, which together cultivate an ambiance of understated elegance. Conversely, the sleeping quarters embrace a more diverse color palette and material selection. Bedrooms are laid with teak parquet flooring, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. The bathrooms, meanwhile, blend microcement with lime plaster in warm tones, creating a distinct yet harmonious contrast with the rest of the apartment.