Scalpers Sevilla is a minimalist flagship located in Seville, Spain, designed by Francesc Rifé Studio. The store’s interior is organized across three levels, with each floor dedicated to a specific fashion line: men’s on the ground floor, women’s and children’s on the first, and tailoring on the top floor. The design cleverly references the brand’s logo, a skull and shins, with a circular stainless-steel frame on the ground floor and elongated ovals on the first floor, creating distinct display spaces. These elements, made from vibrated steel, introduce an urban edge and symbolize the brand’s blend of practicality and rebellion.

Metal structures are a key feature, offering functional solutions for displaying clothing and accessories, including movable mirrors. They also cleverly integrate the building’s original pillars, with large steel columns adding a distinctive touch. The interior’s material palette combines warm grey concrete with oak wood in a Hungarian Point pattern, used on floors and walls to add sophistication. A central architectural element is the U-shaped staircase, complemented by a panoramic elevator. Along this pathway, strategically placed screens display the brand’s latest advertisements, enriching the customer journey.