Feb 27, 2020 / Architecture
Quarter House by uenoa

Quarter House is a minimal residence located in Saitama, Japan, designed by uenoa. This is a private residence for a couple and two children built in Saitama Prefecture. The request from the owner who runs a vintage furniture store was a large living space as a showroom for furniture. So what we thought was to create a one-room space with the highest ceiling as possible on the first floor, and to arrange the necessary rooms compactly for the family of four on the second floor. On an efficient rectangular plane, we cut part of it diagonally to make an opening. Large blocks of light coming from large diagonal openings are divided into the first and second floors with different spatiality.In addition, the diagonal openings make a closely relationship with the garden in the site and keep a appropriate distance from the neighborhood.

Photography by Takumi Ota