Raising in Minusio is a minimal space located in Minusio, Switzerland, designed by Raffaele Cammarata Architetto. The project rests on the roof of an existing building, built in 2011 which is spread over three different levels. The main access takes place at the lower level, through a large space, illuminated by zenith light, which houses a collection of cars. The first floor, partially underground, houses the bedrooms and a fitness-wellness area. The upper floor, free from intermediate structural elements, houses a generous living room, kitchen and dining room. From the same entrance, through the lift, it is possible to reach the elevation that houses a new sleeping area, consisting of a relaxation area, a bedroom and a bathroom.

A second access takes place through the north staircase that leads directly to the garden. All the rooms face south and the large glass surfaces create a strong relationship with the surrounding landscape, the lake and the mountains. The new volume stands out for its formal expression and for the use of materials, deliberately different from the existing building, from which it departs to express its independence. The main axis of the building rests on the existing reinforced concrete wall, while the supporting iron structure is independent from the building below. The sun protection of the large glass surfaces is guaranteed by a motorized slat system.

Photography by Simone Bossi