Mar 19, 2022 / Interiors
Reflection Apartment by ZROBIM architects

Reflection Apartment is a minimal apartment located in Minsk, Belarus, designed by ZROBIM architects. The recently renovated apartment of architect Andrus Bezdar exhibits all the hallmarks of ZROBIM architects, namely a passion for minimalist interiors, a preference for open-plan layouts and a talent for designing bespoke furnishings. The whole design of this space is based on a game with projections and reflections of the sun’s rays. The windows of the apartment face south-west, so you can see very beautiful sunbeams in it – their projections on the white walls. Another feature of the apartment is the lack of standard zoning of the kitchen-living room. The kitchen surrounds the living and dining area, which perfectly reflects the dynamic lifestyle of the owner. The compact apartment is centered on a living room-kitchen area which is separated from the bedroom by a glass partition allowing the combined space to be experienced in its totality.

The glass divider also increases the distribution of natural light that floods in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also a working area in the bedroom, brought to the corner glazing to be inspired by the view of the city while working. The bedroom has collected many minor details that ultimately have a big impact on the feeling of comfort. A soft carpet by the bed, wireless charging built into the bed, swivel bedside lamps, ergonomic storage systems – all these are small but essential attributes of comfort in this interior. Clean-cut lines, simple geometries, and a muted color palette of white, teal and natural wood enhance the sense of spaciousness and imbue the interiors with understated sophistication, as do the minimalist sofa, chairs and glass bar-table that Bezdar has designed for the brand BY furniture.

Photography by Elizaveta Kulenenok