Mar 18, 2022 / Interiors
Schulstrasse 17 by Vaust

Schulstrasse 17 is a minimal showroom located in Stuttgart, Germany, designed by Vaust. The spacious concept store for technical goods and innovative start-up products is driven by a minimal aesthetic. The overall idea is to keep some of the building site’s natural look and to bring it together with an eclectic use of materials to avoid traditional finishes of any kind. The given architecture was stripped to the bone and offered a wonderful canvas to work on. A raw coffered ceiling in warm beige tone dominates the space and gets complimented with concrete walls and an interesting arrangement of levels and shop windows which function as little galleries. Two massive pillars center the space and gave good reason for gravel pool displays to work around them.

The bespoke base of those pools is made out of drywall construction elements. Sleek but bold stainless steel side displays give space for a maximum amount of freedom concerning the arrangement of products. In the end all objects are displayed on softly reflective materials to underline their importance and value. Another highlight is a two part display going through the whole space and underlining the size of the store. The concept of stainless steel furniture interrupting the brutal architecture is supported by massive bespoke artificial boulders, functioning as art objects calming the vibe. The result is a presence-meets-future concept where atmosphere is created through merging the feel of high and low tech.

Photography by Victor Brigola