Reighton Road is a minimal renovation project located in East London, United Kingdom, designed by Daytrip. A quiet kitchen in the heart of the house shimmers in the sunlight from the anchoring window, the light reflected on a cloudy, dappled backsplash called tadelakt, a mix of marble and plaster that is hand honed for its artful and artisan qualities. Cupboards are tonally matched in pale cream tones with a subtle pale stone counter. A purposely minimal and subdued kitchen, reserving the chaos to the cooking. Kitchen Cupboards are tonally matched to the tadelakt walls in pale cream tones with a subtle cloudy white stone counter. A purposely minimal and subdued kitchen, reserving the chaos to the cooking.

Casual and Relaxed, the Kazuhide Takahama Mantilla Sofa, an 80’s Japanese design from Béton Brut has a quiet elegance and simplicity that embodies this residential project. An uncomplicated and astute approach to interiors, a juxtaposition of English sensibility and Japanese experimentalism, the effect is calm and comfortable. A good home should be flexible and speak of its owners, the ability to cultivate and populate over time with art, objet and personal items make the home unique. Here, paintings take pride on the chalky walls with geometric sculptures on the tiered Mario Bellini plinths M.A.H.

A bedroom located on the basement floor of this unique property offers a calming, subterranean sanctuary. Ample daylight from the adjacent light-well spills onto the poured concrete floor, underfloor heated for the winter nights. Walls are reserved to the same, continuous chalky cream paint finish and enhanced with natural linen textures on bed linens and curtains. A conical alabaster table lamp provides an ethereal glow courtesy of Béton Brut and above sits a painted artwork by Scott Licznerski. To contrast the tonal tranquility, a Heinz Landes Solid Chair, a gritty industrial piece from the 80s suggests a more rough and rebellious attitude.

Styling by Laura Fulmine

Photography by Jake Curtis