Nov 23, 2021 / Interiors
Rosenthaler 69 by Vaust

Rosenthaler 69 is a minimal restaurant located in Berlin, Germany, designed by Vaust. The guest room transports the idea of an intimate and meaningful experience. Two curvy concrete tables who compliment each other capture the room’s center attention. Inspired by the fisherman, cut off granite stones from Norway and wooden stumps present the possibility to take a seat. The table has a rough yet pleasant surface and gives the idea of a terrazzo structure. Boulders of different color ways add a natural and warm color palette to the interior. The floor and wall plastering pick up the warm tones and give a natural and earthy atmosphere. Linen curtains with a bespoke hanging system, made of aluminum, complete the seating situation gently. A stone, which is part of the restaurants corporate identity, slowly spins in the window at the most prominent place of the restaurant. Hand-crafted concrete applications with a rough texture go hand in hand with stainless steel kitchen counters which are separated from the guest room through a large glass.

Photography by Robert Rieger

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