Scoop Landscape House is a minimal residence located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by not architects studio. The site is a small, subdivided lot into residential areas in the city center and surrounded by houses. By connecting the road on the north side of the site – the house – and the adjacent pathway on the south side of the site with a valley as if to scoop up trivial scenery, and by connecting these while incorporating it into the house, the urban space and residential space become ambiguous and scoops up elements scattered in the city. The surface of the valley was painted silver, scooping up the colors of neighboring buildings, plants, sky, and people’s shadows. When the wind blows, the leaves of the plant move gently, and the raindrops left on the top light cast shimmering shadows after the rain.

By scooping up these various movements, a new scenery creates in the entire valley space. Through the valley, which is composed of flat and curved surfaces, the scenery envelops vaguely while its resolution is lowered. Instead of the scenery as a miscellaneous residential area, it scoops up trivial scenery such as the green of trees and the blue of the sky. Moving through such a space stroll through the house, and encounters a new scenery that mixes various, such as weather and the colors of the surrounding vegetation. Both ends of the valley are planned to open from top to bottom.

Photography by Yasuhiro Takagi