S|H Apartment is a minimalist interior located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, designed by Yael Perry. The apartment was renovated and includes a bright living space, kitchen, one bedroom & a wide bathroom. The apartment is long and narrow – the public space measurements are 11 meters in length and 3.3 meters in width. Before renovation, there was no storage space, no wardrobe in the bedroom, and a tiny bathroom; all factors that did not suit the new residents. The designer, who wanted to provide a unique aesthetic, and to make the space feel more spacious and bright, chose to design the apartment in one shade of color: white.

The apartment’s floors was covered with a minimalist white parquet, the walls were painted in white, and all carpentry & furniture items were designed in white as well. Before renovation, the bathroom’s door were located in front of the apartment entrance. All internal walls were destroyed & a new entryway leading to a new minimalist, bright & wide bathroom was created. A functional white closet was custom made for the new entryway & used for storage & a washing machine.