w172 Bokeh is a minimalist floor and pendant light created by Oslo-based designer Daniel Rybakken for wästberg. A diffuse, frosted glass renders what lies beneath differently, depending on the objects distance to the glass. Objects close will be displayed sharp and saturated, while objects further away become more and more diffuse, lighter and less exposed. w172 bokeh consists of two contrasting elements; an industrial and highly specialized aluminum heat sink, cooling the central high power LED, and a more human, softer and recognizable bell, blown in etched glass. The curve of the heat sink and the curve of the glass start off together at the top of the bell, but slide apart as they move downwards, adding a gradient of blur or “bokeh” on the traces of the hard and industrial internal core seen through the pure surface of the glass. From being softened by their distance to the glass, these traces become projected shadows, like images on a camera’s ground glass when the light source is turned on.

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