Mar 26, 2020 / Interiors
Swantje Apartment by Reform

Swantje Apartment is a minimalist apartment located in Münster, Germany, designed by in collaboration between Reform and Swantje. The interior style is very graphic, serene and bold. The designer loves craftsmanship, artisan ceramics, and the color concepts that are displayed in every room. The dining room is painted in a moody green, a color that the designer wanted to feel like being in a forest while having breakfast or dinner. Daily life is packed with so much chaos that the designer strongly wanted calmness and serenity at home. 

This is precisely why they chose the fronts by Reform. The kitchen unit opposite often appears a bit untidy due to its open shelves and cupboards, so they wanted to have nice, calming fronts with a pleasant surface for the high cupboard. In the color ‘mushroom,’  they simply blend in perfectly with the overall picture and they are still super happy with this decision. At some point the matching kitchen unit will be added.