T House is a minimal residence located in Kajang, Malaysia, designed by DualSpace Studio. An intriguing aspect of this project was the client’s color blindness. This presented a distinct challenge, demanding an unconventional design approach. Instead of relying solely on colors, the focus shifted to manipulating light and shadow, ensuring that the visuals resonated authentically with the homeowner. The result was a space that bears a personal touch, both unique and tailored to the client’s experience. Material choice played a pivotal role in amplifying the ambiance. Flooring was meticulously chosen to complement the lighting, with matte tiles deployed to achieve a soft, muted reflection. Durability met design in the crafting of the staircase, a testament to the balance of form and function. Further showcasing their dedication to nuanced detailing, the designers utilized micro cement for the tea area walls, offering a tactile depth to the surroundings. This choice also enhanced the towering glass block walls, which artfully channel natural sunlight into the home. In summary, this space is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality, every decision made with careful deliberation.